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Launch of new production equipment

new water based launch

Given the high demand for water-based coatings produced by SIA Baltink, 6 months ago, the company's management decided to purchase an additional production reactor to meet all customer needs, as well as for development opportunities. During the past six months, this project has been implemented and on May 23, 2023, SIA Baltink officially launched a new reactor for the production of water-based coatings, which will double the production capacity at this site. The new equipment, manufactured by specialized companies from Germany and Latvia, is equipped with an innovative fast mixing device that allows to produce up to 8000 kg. materials in one shift, as well as an automatic system for loading raw materials, which saves loading time, as well as improves the accuracy of adding components. We also want to note that the company has 7 production units of equipment and the total productivity of the company, including both uv polymerization materials and water-based materials, is 3000 tons per year.

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