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Baltink News

Printing house "Intellservice" (Almaty, Kazakhstan) not only keeps leadership on the local production field but also has an innovative and intelligent approach to the manufacturing process.
Most of disposable cardboard cups are covered with synthetic film inside, making them ordinary plastic non-recyclable garbage. The trend for eco-friendly solutions itself with a specific request from the airlines "Air Astana" for recyclable cardboard cups for cold and hot drinks prompted to begin mass testing and implementation of a new technology for making cups and other food packaging using coatings with oil/fat and water resistant properties.
With the active involvement of SIA Baltink`s specialists, mass industrial testing of LABITEX WB 647 BB, LABITEX WB 648 B and LABITEX 650 B barrier coatings has been started. We hope that «Intellservice» will be the first to present innovative, completely "green" eco-friendly packaging in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
We are always ready to help our partners to implement new technologies and reach new heights.

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