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LABITEX HEALTH - antimicrobial varnishes!

We all live in a difficult world that dictates us its rules, setting safety standards for today and tomorrow, and we are constantly looking for the opportunity to maximize the security of the space that surrounds us. The use of personal protective equipment will remain a priority for people for a long time to come. Packaging, labels, leaflets, a letter in an envelope, as well as inks, varnishes, glues - everything should preserve people's health as much as possible.
Being your caring supplier, “BALTINK” SIA offers a new LABITEX HEALTH varnishes series with antibacterial protection.
Varnishes contain an antimicrobial / antibacterial additive, which prevents the growth of common foodborne poisonous bacteria and reduces the growth potential of fungi and mold on all treated surfaces with the efficiency of 99.3%. Its acting mechanism is based on binding to the cell wall of bacteria and further inhibition by ions of the addition of intracellular enzymes responsible for DNA replication and energy production by the cell. The additive works 24/7 efficiently, protecting products throughout their entire service life.Our varnishes are certified by an independent European microbiological laboratory and are completely safe for food packaging printing.

✓ Antibacterial

✓ Effective

✓ Works 24/7

✓ Safe in food packaging manufacturing

✓ Tested ISO 20743 and ISO 22196

People will trust you if you take responsibility not only for quality, but also for the safety of manufactured products.
Range of LABITEX HEALTH series:
- LABITEX WB 700 HEALTH - water-based glossy varnish for printing on absorbent substrates
- LABITEX UV 500 HEALTH - UV curable glossy varnish for printing on absorbent and activated non-absorbent1 substrates (1preliminary tests required)

LABITEX HEALTH series were developed by specialists of “BALTINK” SIA R&D laboratory, that guarantees the quality at a consistently high level.
Provide your product with antibacterial protection!
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